Football FAQ

Updated Wednesday January 21, 2015 by Grayslake Colts Football, Cheer & Dance.


What team will my child play on?

All teams are based on player’s weight and age. The most competitive team we field at each weight level will play in the Big 10 Division and with few exceptions, will play mostly on Sundays. If there are enough players for additional teams the remaining players will play on Saturdays in the Pac 10 Division. If there are sufficient players for more than one Saturday team in a weight level, the talent will be split evenly.

What are the different divisions and what do they mean?

There are 4 different divisions in the TCYFL; Big 10, MAC and PAC 10 and Flyweight.

The Big 10 division emphasizes competition at a high level. Big 10 teams are composed of the best and most capable players at each level. Each Big 10 team must roster a minimum of 18 players. The TCYFL does not impose a minimum number of plays per athlete at the Big 10 however the Grayslake Colts do require each Big 10 coach to assign each athlete to a starting position. Players for the Big 10 teams are selected first by the Big 10 head coach based on their performance during the evaluations. The age restrictions are based on a player’s age on September 1st.

The MAC division was formed in 2006 in an effort to keep the Pac 10 division a developmental division. The MAC division emphasizes competition at an intermediate level and equitable participation playing under Big 10 Age/Weight parameters but with all applicable Pac 10 football rules. Each MAC team must roster a minimum of 18 players. Participation for the MAC is determined by the number of athletes at each weight class, larger organizations must form a MAC team, smaller organizations are not required to enter teams into the MAC. Grayslake Colts currently do not have teams playing at the MAC level.

The Pac 10 emphasizes instruction, development, and participation. The Pac 10 has an Eleven On – Eleven Off rule. This is provided to promote balanced playing time for all players. Pac 10 teams are drafted from the pool of players who did not get selected for the Big 10 or MAC team at their respective weight class. The Pac 10 division has provisions for younger heavier players known as the striper rules. The TCYFL is continually evaluating the striper rules and may make some adjustments to these rules. If you are a parent of a double striper, please be sure to contact the Director of Football for an explanation of the current player exception process. If the TCYFL does make any changes to the striper rules, we will be sure to notify the parents of any player who may be affected by the rule change as soon as possible.

Flyweight Players must be no older than six (6) years old as of September 1, weighing no more than seventy seven (77) pounds for week one, including minimum clothing and pad requirements for weigh-ins. This weight limit will increase by one-half pound per week for the entire season. The Flyweight Level does not provide for Older/Lighter or Younger/Heavier players.

There will be no score-keeping by any official, coach, player, team, parent or other person and no posting of the score of any Flyweight game or scrimmage. Additionally, there will be no Post Season for Flyweight – no playoff or Championship games.

Before the school year begins flyweight team's practice is limited to a total of six (6) hours per week and limited to a total of three (3) days per week. While school is in session a flyweight team's practice is limited to a total of four (4) hours per week and limited to a total of two (2) days per week.

How are the players divided between Big 10 and Pac 10?

Our objective is to give every player an equal opportunity to play at the most competitive level that their skill, potential and desire allow them. To accomplish this objective, all players within a weight category will begin practicing as a group during the first 2 weeks of practice. Coaches for Big 10 and Pac 10 teams will administrate these practices and begin evaluating players in the second week. All coaches for the weight category will have input to the decision on players for Big 10 or Pac 10 play. The final decision is up to the Big 10 head coach and the Director of Football.

What is TCYFL and what does it do?

The Grayslake Colts are members of the TCYFL – The Chicagoland Youth Football League. The TCYFL is currently made up of 30 communities across Chicagoland. The league has grown significantly in recent years to over 37 member communities. The TCYFL communities range as far south as Plainfield, Illinois and as far north as Wilmot, Wisconsin. The TCYFL is broken into three competitive levels: the Big10, MAC, and the Pac 10. Athletes are placed into the appropriate competitive level based on player evaluations. Neither parents nor athletes may request to play at a specific level or for a specific coach. The level at which an athlete plays is solely determined by the coaches and player draft at the athlete’s weight class.

The league actively promotes philanthropy through league-wide participation in programs for breast cancer awareness and contributions to the Susan B. Komen Foundation; it donates to local community food pantries, contributes to Toys 4 Tots, and provides scholarships to athletes who are less fortunate and otherwise may not be able to afford to play. These contributions are made possible by TCYFL’s fundraising activities, and by the size and scope of the league and its member communities. There are also many additional local philanthropic initiatives which vary from year to year, all coordinated through TCYFL Cares.

A major focus of the TCYFL is coaching development and maintaining rules and standards. The league’s values are very closely aligned with the Colts, promoting character development for our youth, teamwork, and an emphasis on fun first, winning second.

For more information on the TCYFL, its programs, communities, and rules, the website is a very useful reference see

When does practice begin?

Team practice schedules are determined by individual coaches; however, all levels will hold "preseason conditioning" practice sessions during late July/early August. There is a mandatory TCYFL rule that all players must complete 10 hours of football conditioning before being allowed to participate in full contact drills. This is a league requirement and participation in other sports does not eliminate this requirement. This is to allow players to prepare for the rigors of the game of football. Players who are not able to attend all 5 days of conditioning will be required to attend make-up dates with the Directors of Football before being allowed to participate in contact drills.

Players are evaluated during the conditioning camp and the 5 days of contact drills. Players will be in full pads during all contact drills. These evaluations will be the basis on which the Head coaches will make their player selections.

When does my child get their equipment?

Equipment hand out will be announced and occurs at the Colts Equipment Barn located across from the Grayslake Village Hall. Players must appear at their scheduled date and time (details will be emailed to you) to be fitted for their equipment. The equipment distributed includes a helmet, shoulder pads, girdle, game pants, practice pants, belts, practice jersey, game jersey, and mouth guard. The game jersey is given out before team pictures and will have the player’s name on the back. All players will keep their game jerseys. The player is expected to provide his/her own cleats and athletic supporter. Equipment return is normally scheduled shortly after each teams’ last game of the season. Players will be charged for any equipment not turned in at that time.

Item Replacement Price

Riddell Revolution Helmet: $150.00

Riddell Revolution Little Pro Helmet: $100.00

Riddell Little Pro Helmet: $50.00

Shoulder Pads: $30.00

Game Pants: $30.00

Practice Pants: $15.00

Practice Jersey: $15.00

Girdle: $10.00

Belts: $3.00

There is a $15 charge if equipment is not properly cleaned prior to return.

Please come at your scheduled time to the Colts Barn, located behind the building at 31 S. Seymour in downtown Grayslake. Each athlete will be outfitted with a padded girdle, padded practice pants, game pants, a belt, shoulder pads, a practice jersey, and a helmet. Before being outfitted for equipment, your athlete will be weighed and assigned to the appropriate weight class.


A parent must be present at equipment pick-up to sign the check list and provide a $50 deposit in the form of a check.

How often are practices held?

Practice schedules are determined for each team by the head coach. Usually, Big 10 teams practice 4 to 5 days a week before the season begins and 3 to 4 days a week during the season. The Pac 10 teams sometimes practice one day less. Contact your player’s coach concerning questions regarding practice.

When and where are practices held?

Practices are held at Aquatic Field/Central Park in Grayslake. Specific times are up to each team’s coach in coordination with other teams, however, most practices occur between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. They are usually 2 hours in duration.

What if my child cannot attend practice?

We are aware that children have other responsibilities. However, you and your child are responsible for contacting the coach whenever you'll be unable to make practice, arrive late or must leave early. Your player’s coach will go over team rules at the beginning of the season that includes missed practices.

Missed practices could impact your player’s playing time and desired position.

What if my child has health problems or allergies?

If your child has any health problems or concerns such as asthma, allergies (especially to bee stings), etc. parents should make sure that the player has appropriate medication available to them during practices and games which is clearly marked with their name. Parents should also ensure that the coaching staff is always updated of a players health conditions before and during the season and have appropriate medical forms completed and on file with the Team Coordinator.

How are changes to practice times or cancellations communicated?

Though each coach will establish the team’s primary communication process for team specific changes, the Colts will use a telephone/text service called "Call Em All", the Colts Website, Facebook and Twitter to communicate any program-wide information. Some individual teams might use phone trees, some e-mail, etc. E-mail is becoming the preferred and most effective way to communicate quickly and effectively; some coaches require parents to check their e-mail for possible practice schedule changes as short as 30 minutes before scheduled time.

It is the players and parents responsibility to understand the system used by their team and contribute to its effectiveness.

What happens in inclement weather? What is the policy?

The Colts have a heat policy that addresses what we do when the weather gets warm. The important points to remember include:

We will assess conditions at 4 pm using the heat index in Grayslake as our guide.

If practice needs to be adjusted or cancelled, we will blast out a phone message by 4:30 and post on Facebook & Twitter.

For a heat index under 100, practice will be held as normal.

For a heat index between 100 and 104, practice will be modified and limited.

Athletes dress in T-shirt, shorts, and shoes.

Football players will NOT wear helmets or pads.

Water breaks will be every 15-20 minutes.

Practices will be limited to light activity.

Coaches will focus on instructional training and walk through drills.

For a heat index 105 or above, practice will be cancelled.

Parents ultimately have the discretion of determining when to send their children to practice. If your child is unable to make it to practice, please let your coach know.

At the sight of lightning or the sound of thunder, practice or games will be suspended for at least 30 minutes and athletes will be moved to a sheltered location. Practice or games can continue when 30 minutes have passed since the last sound of thunder or lightning sighting. Normally practice will be called in the event of thunder or lightning.

When will we get a game schedule?

Game schedules are established by the TCYFL. We ask your patience as scheduling all of the games is a very difficult process for the TCYFL. Big/Mid 10 game schedules are usually available first; they are easier to schedule since all towns have only one team at each level. Pac 10 games pose the greatest challenge since most towns have 2 or more teams at each level. The TCYFL not only juggles scheduling games but must also work with the various communities to find available field space for all required games each weekend. This is not an easy process; it requires a lot of coordination and takes time. The competitive team schedules for the entire season are usually posted by the first game. Due to the large number of instructional teams in the TCYFL, those schedules are slower to be published and may take several weeks from the beginning of the season to be posted.

Games at either level may be played on Saturday or Sunday, although competitive games are mostly played on Sundays and instructional games on Saturdays. The TCYFL posts game schedules as soon as all the logistics have been worked out. Please be patient. Typically for the first four weeks of the season the game schedule for that weekend will come out the Thursday before game day. Keep in mind all members of the TCYFL are volunteers. The web site for the TCYFL is  

How do I contact my athletes coach with questions?

Coaches will tell the team and parents how they wish to be contacted. It could include home phone, work phone, cell phone, e-mail, etc. E-mail is becoming a preferred method of communication. It provides the coach with the opportunity to respond when he can concentrate on your question. Please be sensitive as to the topics you choose to discuss with the coach on the practice field when other players/parents are present.

What is the refund policy?

A no-cause refund of 75% will be granted when requested in writing to the Colts President by 11:59PM on July 15. Please note - there will be no registration refunds after this time.

My athlete will go to North High School. Can he still play for the Colts?

Absolutely! Grayslake Colts is a feeder program for both Grayslake Central and Grayslake North High School. Playing for the Grayslake Colts allows your athlete to play against many of the opponents they will face in the Fox Valley Conference.