Dine N Share with Penn Station East Coast Subs

Updated Sunday September 23, 2018 by Mark Typlin.

Penn Station Subs & The Grayslake Colts presents our September 2018 Dine N Share Opportunity.  This is a unique opportunity in that we are selling coupon books good for the purchase of subs at Penn Station in Grayslake or Gurnee in the form of $5.00 of coupons on the purchase of $10.00 or more as follows:


·        The sales period starts 09/17/2018 and continues through 09/29/2018.

·        Athletes sell coupon books worth $25.00 for $20.00 to friends, family, neighbors, etc. Coupons can be redeemed for $5.00 towards the purchase of $10.00 or more at a rate of 1 per month in October 2018, November 2018, December 2018, January 2019, and February 2019.  When someone purchases the book, the information is recorded on the back of the sales form. We collect the money at the time of the sale. Please make copies of the sales sheet for more than 10 sales. Please note: There is a limit of 2 coupon books that can be purchased per household. 

·        Please return all sales and payments to your TC on or before Monday, 10/1/2018.  TC’s need to return the sales sheets to Mark on or before Tuesday, 10/2/2018.  Late returns can Not be accepted for this promotion. 

·        Coupon books along with a copy of their sales sheet will be delivered to your TC’s on or before 10/15/2018 and should be distributed immediately to all athletes who sold coupon books. Coupon sales books should be delivered ASAP to all who purchased them as the coupon redemption period will have started.


The team with the highest sales percentage will win a FREE pizza party in October!


Please contact Mark via email at with any questions.


Thank you and Good Selling!

Penn Station Subs Colts Fundraiser Flyer.pdf