Charity Mania General Information & Goals

Updated Tuesday July 23, 2019 by Grayslake Colts Football, Cheer & Dance.

Ready…. Set….. Sell!!!!!

Charity Mania is the primary Colts fundraiser each year, and we ask that all families participate. In order to keep our registration fees low and our investment in the program high, we need your help. While other teams typically ask families to purchase raffle tickets up-front and then sell them in order to re-coup the investment, Colts simply issues 10 tickets per family and asks for your help in selling them. Proceeds from Charity Mania tickets sold in recent years has allowed us to provide scholarships for college-bound former Colts athletes, purchase new cheer and dance uniforms and warm up outfits, cheer mats, new football helmets, Protech helmet covers, football practice and game pants, AED units, new refrigerators for the concession area, a new score board, and many other program improvements.  This year, your sales can be easier as anybody in The United States can now purchase tickets on-line.  Please ask them to visit our website at

This year, we are offering the following incentives:

·         FREE registration in 2019 for the top ticket seller in our organization.

·         Sell 20 tickets and receive an entry for a drawing to win FREE registration in 2019. Earn additional entries when you sell 30 tickets, 40 tickets, 50 tickets and 60 tickets.

·         Sell 20 tickets, receive $20.00 off your 2019 registration. Receive an additional $20.00 off your 2019 registration when you sell 30 tickets, 40 tickets, 50 tickets and 60 tickets.

·         Sell your 10 required tickets and receive your choice of a window cling or license plate frame.

·         The Football team AND the Cheer or Dance team with the highest total ticket sales wins a pizza party for the athletes and their coaches after a practice.


What you need to do:

  1. Ask Co-workers, friends and family to support the Colts by purchasing a “Charity Studio Digital Entertainment Package” for $20 and receive a FREE Charity Mania Football Sweepstakes ticket. (Anyone in the world can play)
  2. Give the ticket to the purchaser and have them complete the name & address section of the stub and return to you along with their money. They keep the ticket – you collect the stub.
  3. Turn in all money and stubs to our Director of Fundraising by September 3. Tickets will be accepted after September 3 but will not be retroactive to previously played games.
  4. Return all un-sold tickets to the Colts so others can try to sell them. Please feel free to pick-up additional tickets beyond your issued 10 if you think you can sell more. You may request additional tickets from our Director of Fundraising at
  5. Tickets are activated and eligible to win after the completed stub is returned to the Colts.

Please NOTE: Tickets not turned into The Director of Fundraising may not qualify for previous weeks.


Sold ticket stubs and money will be collected on the following dates/days:

  • At the pool party (at Grayslake Pool)
  • Wednesdays at the Aquatic Field Concession stand
  • Opening weekend at each concession stand
  • Other times and locations will be announced as needed

Please view the following video for more information and details:

Any questions? Please let us know at




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