Welcome to Grayslake Colts

The Grayslake Colts are proud to serve future athletes of High School District 127 (Grayslake Community HS) who reside in Elementary School District 46 or Elementary School District 50

Football: Evaluation week with full pads    8/4 - 8/8


All Football players will practice in Central Park for the first two weeks from 5:30p.m. - 7:30p.m. The approximate location of practice space by weight class (Flyweights, Bantam, FW, MW, LW, HW) is identified in the picture above. There will be an info tent located at the North end of the practice space. If you are unsure where your child will be practicing or have any other administrative questions, please stop by the white tent for assistance.

Athletes should arrive with shorts, shirts, cleats and Helmets. Please remember to properly hydrate your kids and bring plenty of water.

Athletes Drop off and Parking

Drop off and parking is always a challenge during the Football season at Central Park. Please note the following:

  • Athletes cannot be dropped off through the Manor subdivision. Although there is an entrance from the Manor into Central Park, athletes and their family should not be accessing the park through this pathway. The path is for emergency access only!
  • No parking in the Manor Subdivision (North side of Central Park). Parking there may result in your vehicle being ticketed and towed.
  • Parking and access for practice during the first two weeks should be via
    • Grayslake Middle School for families who live on the South or East side of Grayslake
    • Aquatic Field lot or Library Lane cul-de-sac for families who live South or East
    • Grayslake Central High School and Commuter parking lot for families who live on the North or West side of Grayslake
  • Enter Central Park through the walking/bike path at the North side of Grayslake Middle School and at the train tracks on Lake Street depending on where you parked.
  • Please walk your child to/from practice in Central Park. For the safety of the kids, please do not have your child meet you in one of the parking lots after practice. When athletes leave the practice area by themselves, we have no way to know they are waiting for a ride somewhere else.

Colts Presents: Lights, Camera, Action Competition

Up to 60 teams will be invited to compete in both Cheer & Dance categories. This competition is for recreational league programs, park district programs, public and parochial schools, and Associations. Please follow and note the grade level divisions in the IRCA rules and regulations and register your squads accordingly. Cheerleaders will perform on a 42’ X 42’ matted floor. Pommies will perform on the gym floor centered in front of the judges. :: MORE INFORMATION::

2014 Fundraising Info

As we begin our 2014 session, we'll like to provide you with more information about this year fundraising. Please visit the fundraising page by clicking on "Fundraising" from the top left menu or just click here ::Fundraising Page ::