Welcome to Grayslake Colts

The Grayslake Colts are proud to serve future athletes of High School District 127 (Grayslake Community HS) who reside in Elementary School District 46 or Elementary School District 50

Youth Night at GNHS Friday, Sept. 19th

Thank you for coming out to support Colts at the GNHS Youth Night.

Concession is now Open

We're using VolunteerSpot to organize our concessions sign up this year. Please visit our concession page for more detail. Below is also the link to sign-up.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Colts Presents: Lights, Camera, Action Competition

Up to 60 teams will be invited to compete in both Cheer & Dance categories. This competition is for recreational league programs, park district programs, public and parochial schools, and Associations. Please follow and note the grade level divisions in the IRCA rules and regulations and register your squads accordingly. Cheerleaders will perform on a 42’ X 42’ matted floor. Pommies will perform on the gym floor centered in front of the judges. :: MORE INFORMATION::

Head Coaches 2014

Team Head Coach
Flyweight Jerold Ullrich
Bantam BIG10 Jamie Barrenbaum
Bantam PAC10 Mike Keeter
Featherweight BIG10 Rob Greenfield
Featherweight Black PAC10 Johnny Vincent
Featherweight Silver PAC10 Darrin Leith
Middleweight BIG10 Brad Fish
Middleweight PAC10 Darrick Dunham
Lightweight BIG10 Don Spaethe
Lightweight PAC10 Ron Garbett
Varsity Jim Caravello

2014 Fundraising Info

As we begin our 2014 session, we'll like to provide you with more information about this year fundraising. Please visit the fundraising page by clicking on "Fundraising" from the top left menu or just click here ::Fundraising Page ::